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Emporia State University Interviews

ESU Team Interview

At Iris Mission Africa we pride ourselves for believing in the power of partnership which has led us to helping various Non-Profits document their activities. As enshrined in our core objectives, we help such organizations boost their promotion capabilities that eventually convert into partnerships or sponsors.  

Recently, we were honored to interview and interact with one of the most amazing volunteer teams from Emporia State University who came to work Edukey Gender Support Organization.  The Team of Volunteer Students from Emporia in Kansas was treated to the hospitality of the Ugandan people, who had every reason to because the guests had come to help our Children and women in various communities. 

Travelling with the Team to Mangaliba in Mukono District where Edukey For Kids runs a community school, I was amazed at the commitment both from the Edukey staff and the visiting team towards empowering women and children and I believe that together we can make the world a better place.  Among the activities that we documented on the day included a re-usable sanitary pad making session for the women, giving out of numerous goodies and teaching of the children by the students.

The Team travelled to Ruboni in Western Uganda, Sesse Islands among other places.  "We love the people, the landscape and the weather here, I wish we could stay longer but unfortunately, we are going back home in  the US" said a visibly sad Theodore Wheeler, one of the students, during the interview.

Special thanks to Dr. Gary Wyatt, Renae Wyatt and Dr. David Westfall who led this amazing team of young people. God bless you and see you soon!