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The call to restore hope!

While listening to Darren Walker, the Ford Foundation President, I heard him make one of the most profound statements of our time: "The greatest threat to our civilization is Hopelessness."

I couldn't agree more! There are lots of people who have forfeited their potential and resorted to several unfulfilling practices like drugs, prostitution, theft and many other vices because they have lost hope in the future.

As we execute our mission of fighting against poverty (mental, spiritual, economical, etc) we endeavor to restore hope among our people starting from the least. I had such a great opportunity in Luwero yesterday to do just that when I met this lil boy. Letting him, touch, feel and examine my camera created such a feeling of ecstasy and I believe it will always be memorable to him. 

Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to inspire someone. Just feel their heart, speak to them and let them express who they really are. 

That's what we do! Inspire & create opportunities.

Fighting poverty thru #Art#Photography & #Film