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  • Today's training session
    Free Training Photography & Film Training Kicks off today

    Today marked another milestone in our fight against #unem

  • Women Voices
    Women's Voice - key to our success

    As we fullfil our mandate of #fighting 

  • Wildlife Conservation & Tourism Awareness

    One of the keys of success is setting targets. Set realistic targets which after hitting will act as a springboard to catapult you to the next target.

  • Photography Skills Training
    Using Story-telling to change lives

    In life, there's always an event; a moment in time that changes the course of our lives. Stories are all around us and they're happening all the time.

    Because stories not only teach and explain things, but also create awareness, emotion and entertain us, we put an extra effort in helping our communities tell their stories better.

  • A Tale of Desperation!

    It is slightly past 10 o'clock in the morning in Budumbula Trading Centre, Kamuli District. As I wait for my hosts to pick me up, I see a group of well-able young men carry a game board and instinctively, I pulled out my camera and took a snap.

    Wait a minute! What on earth are these guys up to with this board so early in the day?" I wondered. Are you thinking what am thinking? Probably. Yes, these youthful guys, like many of their peers across the nation, are going to play themselves silly in the morning.