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  • Wildlife Conservation & Tourism Awareness

    One of the keys of success is setting targets. Set realistic targets which after hitting will act as a springboard to catapult you to the next target.

  • A Tale of Desperation!

    It is slightly past 10 o'clock in the morning in Budumbula Trading Centre, Kamuli District. As I wait for my hosts to pick me up, I see a group of well-able young men carry a game board and instinctively, I pulled out my camera and took a snap.

    Wait a minute! What on earth are these guys up to with this board so early in the day?" I wondered. Are you thinking what am thinking? Probably. Yes, these youthful guys, like many of their peers across the nation, are going to play themselves silly in the morning.

  • Emporia State University Interviews
    ESU Team Interview

    At Iris Mission Africa we pride ourselves for believing in the power of partnership which has led us to helping various Non-Profits document their activities. As enshrined in our core objectives, we help such organizations boost their promotion capabilities that eventually convert into partnerships or sponsors.  

  • Encouraging Young Ministers to fight Poverty

    It has never been easy to pursue a call especially one that involves transforming lives but last weekend marked an important chapter in our training programs when Mr. Saltray Lubega was invited to speak to the youth ministers at Jesus Celebration Center.

    Thru our i-witness program which was designed to enable ministers to use Media and Technology to enhance the preaching of the gospel, we always reach out to various ministries in need of this crucial component of evangelism in the church today.

  • The call to restore hope!

    While listening to Darren Walker, the Ford Foundation President, I heard him make one of the most profound statements of our time: "The greatest threat to our civilization is Hopelessness."

    I couldn't agree more! There are lots of people who have forfeited their potential and resorted to several unfulfilling practices like drugs, prostitution, theft and many other vices because they have lost hope in the future.